Slither Publisher July 13, 2017
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How to play: Take control of your snake around the map using the mouse. You can accelerate it by clicking the left mouse button.

About play is a snake controller game. You will control your snake to move and eat the orbs to grow. has been unlocked and you can experience it using both your computer and your smartphone in your browser. attracts players thanks to its simplicity, and almost anyone can play this game. However, it is also very dramatic as you can easily lose if you do not control your snake well. When you start the game, you are a little snake. In a space with many snakes of different colors and sizes, you must control your snake to move in the safest direction. Along the way, your snake has to eat a lot so that it grows as big as possible. All dead snakes turn into balls, and you eat them to grow.

The leaderboard displays the positions of the top 10 players. Your mission is to get to No. 1 with your quick reflexes and dexterity. Move the mouse pointer to control the snake’s direction, press, and hold the mouse to accelerate. UP will arrow for speed, LEFT arrow for a left turn, RIGHT arrow for the right turn. The thing you need to do is using your finger to touch the touch screen and move to control the snake’s direction. You also need to move your snake in the direction you want, do not bite another snake. Otherwise, you will die and turn into a sphere, becoming food for other snakes.


  • Eat the orbs to grow. The bigger your snake, the higher your score will increase.
  • Speed ​​up to move faster, and you can use the speed booster function to avoid or destroy enemies.
  • Circle around enemies to eat and grow faster.
  • When time is over, see your position on the chart.


How to play

  • Go to and choose
  • Find expression and click to play the game
  • Control the snake by drag and drop

How does one become the biggest snake in

You need to do some of the following activities and repeat them

  • Eat as many special orbs as possible
  • Eat smaller snakes
  • Kill enemies with your bullets

How do I play Slither with my friends?

Unfortunately, you temporarily cannot play this game with your online friends. You can only play with offline players on many different machines.

Who created Slither?

Steve Howse, a 32-year-old developer from Michigan, is the creator of this fun game. A representative of the publisher named Lowtech Studios.

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