Slither Publisher December 29, 2018
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How to play: Control your snake around the map using the mouse. Speed it up by clicking the left mouse button.

About is a game like! It’s free to play online and it will pit you against so many opponent snakes controlled by real human players from around the world. You direct your own snake around the big arena in an attempt to consume as many colored dots as possible to increase your length. Try not to let your head touch another snake, otherwise, you will die, and have to restart it from scratch. When your body is increased, you should use it to encircle other snakes, force them to run into you, kill them instantly then absorb their dead remains to grow even bigger. Feel free to give your snake a speed boost, but if you speed up too much, your size will be reduced. So, make sure you play with good strategies to outplay all other enemy snakes then work your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Are you ready? Kick it off now!

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