Slither Publisher January 25, 2018
945 plays
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How to play: Use keys WASD to move your character. Click left mouse to release a snowball, hold down left mouse to release a big snowball, and hold it down longer a bit to create a snow block or a giant fortress.


Get yourself ready for a great snowball fight in a fun 2D Shooter Tower Defense game called! You will enter a vast snow-covered arena and begin to fight against other enemies. Start to roam the map carefully to create a snowball, then quickly throw it at your rivals to take them out before they counter your attacks. You can construct a giant fortress to protect yourself, or team up with some friendly players to defeat tougher enemies. Try your hardest to elude the snowballs of the enemies, if you get hit, you won’t be able to win this combat, and will meet your doom very soon. Another danger you need to dodge is wicked bears! They are so aggressive and won’t be hesitant to wipe you out with just several hits. Therefore, while you are moving, you shouldn’t get close to them. Use your smart strategies to overcome all challenges, win and rule the whole arena! Good luck!

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