Slither Publisher December 24, 2018
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How to play: Move your symbol using the mouse. Click the left mouse or spacebar for changing symbol.

About drops you in a brutal battle where you must compete against many multiple symbols in outer space. You play as a symbol that keeps changing the shape. The main task here is to go consume the symbols of other players, but if you want to succeed in consuming them, you need to make sure that your symbol shape has been changed to match theirs. Keep altering your shape, moving and always watching out for your surroundings as you may get attacked anytime. You can speed up to move faster to catch some opponents as well as dish out quick damage to them. Your power will be much more developed as you progress, giving you more strength to fight. Remember to defend yourself at all costs! You need to stay alive to build your dominance in space! Let’s jump into the game now to see if you conquer all enemies or not!

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