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How to play: Move with WASD or arrow keys. Attack with E, heal with Q. Interact with features with the left mouse

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About Sploop.io


Sploop io is an online survival game built in the animal world. Your mission is to fight other people and dangerous animals to survive as long as possible on the map.

Sploop.io – Multiplayer survival battle on the web browser

This survival animal game is loved by many online gamers. It is now available for you to enjoy on your web browser without downloading and installing it on your device. In the game, your mission is to become the best survivor on the map. But to do that, you need to learn how to mine, craft, fight, and adventure.

To start playing Sploop io game, please give it a nickname
To start playing Sploop io game, please give it a nickname

Mining and crafting tools to survive

In Sploop.io unblocked, you will have the opportunity to adventure on the vast and detailed map. There you will find a variety of resources such as stone, wood, metal, food, weapons, and enhancement items. But to get them, you need to use reasonable tools to mine.

  • You will get stones if you attack big rocks.
  • You will receive food if you attack a fruit bush.
  • If you attack other animals and players, you will gain experience to level up.

Some of the weapons you can create from the resources you collect include:

  • Melee weapons: hammer, saber, short sword, long sword, and more.
  • Long-range weapon: bow and arrow.
Try to defeat your opponents in Sploop .io game.
Try to defeat your opponents in Sploop .io game.

Multiple modes to explore depending on your preferences

The game has three main modes, including arcade, sandbox and battle royale. Depending on your preference, choose the right mode or you can alternate between modes. Arcade and sandbox mode is the world for you, other dangerous animals and survivalists. Meanwhile, battle royale is mainly a place of competition between real players.

Sploop.io hack – Should download apk for your android device?

You can play Sploop.io online on the official website. Even so, some gamers prefer to play the hack version of this game. But we advise you not to play the hack because virus can attack your device due to violation of the game’s privacy policy.

Moreover, you should play the original version to enjoy a fair survival experience. If you play Sploop.io on mobile, you can download Sploop.io APK to your device to experience the exciting feelings of this game. If you like the upgraded version of this game, so try Sploop.io 2. We have these versions in the browser to play for free.

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