Slither Publisher April 9, 2018
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How to play: Move your character with the mouse, and press spacebar to speed up.


You start off everything in the arena of game with just a simple stick but it will be used as the main weapon to destroy all enemies. In this awesome fast-paced Strategy game, you have to roam around a huge map with that stick, then, quickly stab through the rivals before they get a chance to attack you back. As you move around, you need to stay watchful for the surroundings and always keep your stick ready to fight! The enemies can ambush you if you get caught off guard, and once this happens, your game will be over. Therefore, you need to elude their sticks as well as protect yourself all the time. Don’t forget to absorb food or earn more kills to grow your stick. You can speed up sometimes but use this wisely since it regains back slowly. Will you be able to rule the arena? Have fun!

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