Slither Publisher June 6, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD to move, Shift to sprint, Left Mouse to attack

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Io GamesSports

About is a multiplayer sports io game but set in Battle Royale style. It is a dangerous match that you need to control your speed and other skills to catch the ball by using the paddle accurately. You will have to hit that item and score the most points before you run out time to become the winner. Always dodge the rival’s attacks for survival! While avoiding, you also should knock the opponent off the table in unblocked first. It is a way to improve your ranks and survivability. There are various strategies to deploy. For example, getting a bigger size will allow you to handle dangerous situations easier. Therefore, you do not forget to remove as many competitors as possible. Play free online you can enlarge as in However, you will slow down when you are heavier. Additionally, please note that you can be eliminated whenever because you are not invincible!

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