Slither Publisher August 29, 2018
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How to play: Change your direction using left/right arrow keys, move with the mouse, stomp enemies using the left mouse or spacebar.


In a vast arena of, you have to perform your stomping skill to defeat all enemies so as to dominate the whole map. Stomping is the only way you can do to get rid of the rivals, however, it’s not easy to kill one, especially when there are so many wicked players around you, who won’t be hesitant to stomp you. You must jump from this platform to another one carefully hunting for the enemies then quickly wipe them out before they attack you back. Do not get stomped, or else you will meet your end instantly. Try to gather many stars dispersed around the platforms to get a boost as well as grow your size. Focus on stomping the ones that are smaller than you while staying away from the bigger ones. Survival as long as possible and work your way up the top of the leaderboard! Kick off the game now!

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