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How to play: Move your tank with WASD or arrows Aim with the left mouse button and click to shoot Press 1,2,3 keys to use special skills

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You can play Stug io online and enjoy the ultimate tank wars in your browser here. Move skillfully, point your gun at the enemy and win the multiplayer survival now! with fast-paced survival gameplay

If you’ve been waiting for a brutal survival game, this is the time to start it. This game will bring you into the online battlefield where you have to face a series of tanks from real players around the world. Your mission is to destroy them all to become the only tank alive on the map.

Take the basic tutorial before you start

Before participating in any mode, you need to complete the tutorial course made by the game. There, an automatic robot will guide you to perform operations such as moving x increasing, shooting, stealing flags and speeding up. Specifically, you will need to complete the tutorial course by doing the following:

  • Move your tank with WASD to the flag position to complete the first mission.
  • Use a combination of Shift and movement keys to accelerate the tank for a certain time.
  • Use your mouse to navigate shoot and left click to shoot and destroy nearby opponents.

After completing all of the above missions, you will pass the tutorial test to enter the battlefield on your own in Conquest or Battle mode (unlocked after level 5 only). But either way, you need to work hard to win for your title and bonus.

The ultimate strategic tank battles in unblocked

This multiplayer game will bring you into the field arena once you master the maneuvers. So, you will have to face off against online multiplayer around the globe to see who is the best survivor. But to win, each player in has their own strategies. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you win.

  • Look for low HP targets to attack to get “kill” and level up.
  • If you are surrounded, speed up and choose a direction to exit the corral.
  • Make use of obstacles and structures on the map to hide or shield damage from enemies.
  • You need to get close to the target to increase the damage of the shots.
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