Slither Publisher April 23, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using WASD. Click left mouse button to shoot at enemies.


As a hot Battle Royale game online, is always fun and addictive to play when it provides you with a cruel combat where only the last man standing wins. You will experience the craziest battle like you have never seen before. When you spawn in the arena, you have to roam around the map to collect weapons, supplies, ammo, etc., gear up yourself with those collected things so you can shoot down the enemies easily. Put necessary items inside your backpack with a limited size, then take them out to use when you feel a need. Your health will be run out through over time, if so, you have to use a bandage or a booster to regain it. Stay watchful for the red zone that gradually pushes you and others closer together. You have to stay alive in a safe a zone until the very end, which makes you the ultimate winner of the fight.

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