Slither Publisher December 28, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Use the left mouse to assault. Click the right mouse for dashing.

About Swordz.io


Swordz.io is a tough combat game online that takes you to a huge battleground where you must fight to become the champion. In the game, you have to kill all opponents using your limited weapon. Aim then wipe them out as fast as possible and give them no chances to strike you. As you roam through the map, don’t forget to collect some foods to power up your weapon, and you will be able to dish out more damage to the rivals. Eating foods is very healthy! You will also feel stronger than ever as you progress, also, the foods can be utilized to upgrade your abilities. Defend yourself from all the enemy attacks! If you soak damage, you will end up dying, causing the game to be over. There are two game modes here, such as a player vs player mode and a food chain mode. Pick your favorite one then jump into the swordz.io game!

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