Slither Publisher June 11, 2018
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How to play: Direct your worm using the mouse. For a speed boost, press key W or click left mouse. To cut others, click right mouse or press spacebar.

About Sworm.io


Sworm.io is a new clone of Slither.io with better features, upgraded graphics, and further challenges. You are also spawned as a small worm then start moving around the map to collect a lot of minerals with plenty of power-ups in order to grow your length as well as strengthen yourself. These minerals are dispersed everywhere, so it won’t be hard to find them. Once you power up, you can upgrade your survivability, also, your attack power will be stronger. Make sure you keep yourself safe all the time, elude soaking damage from the rivals who never stop trying to kill you. If you let them cut you, a part of your mass will be gone, causing you to restart it from scratch. You can boost your speed to escape the dangers or catch your target. Keep playing with good strategies until you dominate the whole leaderboard. Are you ready? Join the game now!

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