Slither Publisher April 10, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. You can swap items using arrow keys too. To gather resources or attack enemies, just simply click left mouse button or spacebar. Press key E for toggling auto attack.

About Takemine.io


Do you want to know how great your surviving ability is? Takemine.io game will give you an answer when it takes you through a lot of challenges in an amazing 2D world. You start off everything with just a small and simple axe, however, it’s very handy to you as you need to cut down some trees for wood. Whatever you do, make sure you earn yourself a good amount of wood because this is a key element to construct many structures, useful other tools, and even weapons. But you will even get further resources when you progress, like stone which can be used to create more sophisticated structures, or with some new items, like arrows, bow, tee pee, etc. All of these resources are so important to you because they can somewhat affect your survival. Try to increase your level, power up yourself and don’t be hesitant to kill enemies that get in your sight. Good luck!

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