Slither Publisher June 18, 2018
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How to play: Perform the movements of your character by using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse button to fire. Use key R for reloading, spacebar to use perk, and key Enter for chatting.

About Takepoint.io


Takepoint.io is a Power-ups 2D Shooter game pitting you against many skilled rivals in an online intense battle. The gist of this IO game is to take over as many points as possible for holding your realm on the map. When you spawn in the arena, you become a member of a team, then you must work with your allies to destroy the enemies. Focus on killing them for gaining a lot of points, after that, you can level up yourself, which helps grow your power too. If you have a good number of points, you can spend them on brand new upgrades, weapons, and many perks. Make sure that the rivals won’t be able to capture more points than you do, or else you won’t have a high chance to win. Teamwork is a significant element leading you to the glory. Try to work with your teammates throughout the game! Good luck!

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