Slither Publisher January 6, 2021
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How to play: You can use WASD or arrow buttons to control your character, and left mouse to hit other players and their pets.

About Taming.io


This is the beautiful world of Taming.io unblocked. Taming.io online game is an exciting survival arena io game. There are various buttons to control your pets.

Taming.io online is a Moomoo.io Style game with various kinds of magic pets. This is an online game so that you will play Taming.io multiplayer online. It is a survival arena game. You will have to fight and survive as long as possible in this game. But you won’t be alone. You can choose a partner – the magical pets. They will be by your side and fight with you.

Every time you win a fight, your pet and you will lever up, lever up means new items, and your team will become stronger, and you can go collect items necessary for survival and make your village. There is a special item – the golden apple. You can use it to customize your avatar and your pet and make them one of a kind. The pet that Taming.io won’t be your only partner; you can collect more during your adventure; every pet have their own specialized, strength, and weakness.

There are various buttons to control your pets: shield button to protect you, sword button to attack other pets, hand button to make your pet standstill, and skill button make your pet use the special ability.

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