Slither Publisher August 8, 2018
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How to play: Keys WASD are used for directing your tank. Click left mouse to fire your main turret.

About Tanksmith.io


Play a fun tank-themed tower defense 2d shooter game called Tanksmith.io to meet new rivals and challenge them to a fierce combat. The game lets you direct your own tank around the map to gather a lot of resources for enhancing the tank. Shoot down all objects that are around you, pick up their dispersed pieces and make good use of them to create further parts for your tank. You need to turn it into a super strong vehicle by attaching lots of turrets with many weapons to it. Then, you can use those weapons to finish off all enemies standing in your way. Make sure you always protect your tank from the enemy bullets. If you get hit, the game will come to an end, and you have to start it again from scratch. Try to prolong your life until you become the ace of the arena. Wish you luck!

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