Slither Publisher July 25, 2017
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character around the arena to seize more space, then return to your main base to expand the realm.

About Territor.io


Territor.io is a great RPG IO game where you have to use your tactics for fighting with a lot of tough enemies coming from around the world. Basically, the game is just another clone of Splix.io, Nafk.io, Hexar.io, etc. You will start things by controlling your character around the arena to capture more space, then connect them all back to your current base in order to expand your territory. Just like its predecessors, you need to always defend your tail while moving around the playfield. If one enemy touches it, it will be a game over instantly! Also, if you accidentally crash into your own tail, you will die too. No crashes are allowed to happen in the game if you want to have a longer player. There are two bounties in the game, including speed and score. You should collect them to make a speed boost as well as gain more score. Have fun!

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