Slither Publisher September 6, 2019
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How to play: Control vehicles by using the left mouse button, press Esc to pause

About is one of the new iO game in which you will play a special role. Start off with a traffic controller and compete with other people for the top spot. It is necessary for you and every rival to keep everything on the streets safe until the round ends. It is also a way to increase your score and boost up your ranks. will offer a big challenge that you can directly influence the fate of everybody at intersections. It is essential to figure out the best methods to handle every situation and help your drivers stay alive.

It means that you are required to avoid all accidents in unblocked before you win. Participants will own means with different movement speed and the lights will auto switch. It forces you to make your cars or trucks stop or go in time. It promises to be an ideal place to upgrade your driving ability for free. Embark on your online racing and fulfill it now!

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