Slither Publisher July 9, 2018
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How to play: Move your tribe around the map using the mouse. Press number keys for using the skills.


Get ready for the tribe war in a fun RPG team-based game called! The game features three tribes, including Faya, Agwa, and Plont. You need to pick your favorite one before entering the arena. Every single tribe is armed with their own advantage and disadvantage. They fight against each other following these rules: Agwa puts out Faya that burns Plont that absorbs Agwa. Make sure you keep the rules in mind when trying to compete against your enemies. You need to travel around the map hunting for the prey that you can defeat while staying away from the tribe that will beat you. Try to plant a bomb to blow up the rivals, or even construct a wall to protect yourself. Don’t forget to make good use of plenty of powers and skills to finish off the enemies more easily. The main objective here is to build the dominance in the arena.

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