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How to play: Use your mouse to choose and control the card that you will show to the battle.

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About Tuggowar.io


Tuggowar.io unblocked has the type of strategy multiplayer game. You will find out this game is so great and use hours to play it when you have time.

Tuggowar.io is a strategy io game. You will set the cards to play. The set of cards is unique and can not similar to the previous round or the next round. So one round is one game, it so unique and unpredictable. That what makes the game becomes so interesting. You will have many chances to have the thrilling feeling and hear your heart pump in your chest. Moreover, the victory feeling this game brings to us is so satisfied This game also makes you have a strategic mind and improve your cards round by round or else you will lose the game. You can enjoy this game with your friends or your family and have fun together in a healthy way. Now you can play Tuggowar.io online.

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