Slither Publisher July 6, 2018
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How to play: Interact with your tribe and objects using the left mouse button.

About Wanderers.io


In Wanderers.io game, you become a leader of a tribe who has to help his tribe survive in a dangerous wild world full of dangers. At first, you start with only two members, including an axe wilder and a bow wielder. You need to send these guys into the wild so they can help you pick up wood as well as hunt animals to get some food. Once you earn some resources, you can totally crate more tribe members, like woodcutters, missionaries, miners, axmen. They all bring further resources to you, and more importantly, they will contribute to developing your tribe. Throughout the course of the game, you should stay watchful for the enemy tribes. They won’t be hesitant to attack and kill your tribe. Therefore, you must wipe them out first using your abilities with good strategies. Do whatever it takes to keep your tribe alive until you get the arena domination! Good luck!

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