Slither Publisher September 29, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using WASD. Use left/right arrow keys for rotating the camera. Press spacebar for using boosters, use the left mouse to fire, click right mouse to toggle the mouse camera view.

About Warbot.io


Get ready for another brutal robot combat in a strategy game called Warbot.io! Before entering the arena, you can pick your favorite game mode! The in-game mission is to slay all enemy robots standing in your way. To do this, you must navigate your strong robot carefully through a big arena and hunt down every single rival. Make sure you pick up lots of power-ups that are dispersed on the floor. The more power-ups you gather, the stronger you become, giving you more strength to cope with the dangers. Every time you level up, a random perk will be gifted to you. With a lot of gold you have earned, feel free to spend it on stronger robots if you want. Fighting is the main mission here but protecting yourself is also very important. You must elude all dangers, prolong your life then work your way up to the top! Good luck!

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