Slither Publisher August 29, 2017
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How to play: The mouse is used for controlling your car. Fire enemies by pressing spacebar. Press keys 123 to select your power-ups.

About Woopdrift.io


Woopdrift.io is a fun IO game with lots of RPG elements. This is also one of the latest browser-based Multiplayer games too. You will have to take control of your car around the map in order to wipe out all wicked opponents then attempt to pick up a bunch of cash so that you can spend them on upgrading your car. After earning the money, you should head back to the garage for your car enhancement. But you have to be aware of other opponent cars as they can take you out easily if you’re caught off guard. Try to gather lots of power-ups, slay your enemies, level up your car and always play with good strategies. You come here to prove your best skills and take a chance to become the best player of all, not to get killed by the others. Are you ready? Feel free to join it now!

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