Slither Publisher June 25, 2018
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How to play: To move your mage around the map, just click left mouse button. For using a basic spell, press spacebar or key E. For using an equipped spell, press number keys from 1-4. For opening the spell panel, use key G.


Have your skills ready to enter a world full of magic and mages! Play online for free to meet plenty of fellow mages from around the world then challenge them to a lot of fights. This world is not easy to survive when you have to face off against so many enemies. Pick a special magical power, like Pyro, Froster or Myster before you engage in this world. There are so many gold coins scattered around the map. You should gather them when you make a progress, then spend them on useful upgrades with handy items to power up yourself. Try your hardest to fight off all enemies by picking your attack, aiming then shooting at them. You should also use the spells and shields to protect yourself from taking damage dished out by the enemies, or else you won’t have a chance to win. Do you think you can become the strongest mage in this magical world? Give it a try!

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