Slither Publisher December 28, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to direct your worm. Click the left mouse or key W to fire mass. Use the right mouse or spacebar for dashing forward, and key F for using an item.

About Worm.is


Worm.is is one of the best Snake-themed web browser games online surely keeping you engaged for hours. The game can be regarded as another smash hit snake game following Slither Style. You direct your own worm around the big map in an attempt to eat a lot of colored orbs dispersed on the floor to increase your size. When you want to slay other worms, you should make use of your long body to cut their head movements and make sure you won’t hit their body or the map border. You are armed with many gears in the battle, they will all grow your properties. Always stay watchful for your surroundings, and prevent others from killing you. You must stay alive for a chance of becoming the best worm in the arena! The game features daily quests that you should join and complete for more rewards. Are you ready? Jump into the game now!

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