Slither Publisher May 21, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse to control the monster in Worms.lol game

About Worms.lol


Worms.lol is a new io game set in Slither style. Play an amusing multiplayer match free online as a small worm and you need to eat to gain more mass. In other words, you will grow in size and can become the top player on the rankings. Remember that you are able to defeat every big animal while you are smaller than them! Attempt to make the target bump into your body! Are you ready to turn into the ultimate creature?

It’s simple to experience Worms.lol unblocked with the mouse! It is easy to roam throughout the map and collect food. While the speedup ability is always available, you are recommended to use it carefully. Sprinting will reduce your length. Because you can be attacked and eaten at any time, you have to keep an eye on everything in the surroundings in order to evade dangerous situations promptly. Try to survive before taking over the leaderboard! Dissimilar to Slither.io, you can gather numerous power-ups. Have fun!

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