Slither Publisher July 21, 2017
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How to play: Control your vehicle by using the mouse. Click LMB for boosting. You can use the inertia to control your wrecking ball.

About Wreckers.io


Wreckers.io is one of the latest IO games online that will test your racing abilities. Jump in the game now and prove to the whole world that you are the best racer of all. The game places you in a vast arena filled with a lot of vehicles directed by plenty of players from across the globe. You are supposed to take control of your car with a wrecking ball around the map to go slay and smash everything that stands in your way, especially your opponents. You must aim and demolish them as fast as possible while trying to defend your own car. The more enemies you annihilate, the more experiences you will earn, then you can spend them on amazing upgrades for your vehicle. Just like other Multiplayer games, this one also consists of a leaderboard which displays the players that have the best scores. You must reach the top rank on this board to rule the arena. Have fun!

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