Slither Publisher April 29, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your worm and find food

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Io GamesSlither Style

About is one of the latest iO games based on Slither style. Get entry to a massively multiplayer online match and play against all of the other opponents over the world. To become the top character, you must turn into the longest creature. In the map filled with billions of monsters, you have to move carefully. Small and even large players in free can be attacked and eliminated at any time. The bigger you grow, the more vulnerable you are to surprise deadly hits by smaller rivals. While traveling throughout the playfield in unblocked and finding food to eat, you are able to avoid head-on contact with everybody nearby. Otherwise, you will explode and lose immediately. Just aim at their tail! Attempt to survive and enlarge! To charge your speedup ability, you can interact with the electric grid lines scattered across the battleground. However, evade red zones and stay away from stronger adversaries! Good luck!

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