Slither Publisher January 7, 2020
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How to play: Move the mouse to control the player, Left click to shoot

About zombain.io


zombain.io is a new Battle Royale 2d shooting iO game. Start a fight against multiple hostile players and hordes of zombies. Try to kill as many enemies as possible and eat donuts! Similar to Nightwalkers.io, you must become the last standing character to win the top spot.

Play zombain.io free online with a small revolver you need to shoot at the target accurately. It’s recommended to search around the playfield to collect stronger guns and power-ups. There are many different weapons in zombain.io unblocked to choose from, for example, an extreme submachine gun. Further, don’t forget the presence of a formidable shotgun and a powerful rocket launcher. They can destroy the foes in a wink. The match will happen in deserted lands full of fast monsters. It’s feasible to avoid or fire to slay them. If you rank up and end the battle successfully, you will unlock more skins and events. Good luck!

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