Mods will make your game more interesting to play! Check out some mods for game and find out awesome features added to the game now!

Slither Publisher
November 24, 2016 Extensions

If you are a big fan of game online, and you want to explore a bunch of features, then don’t skip a chance to explore Mods which is known as a useful script that can be added to your browser. In fact, there have been plenty of iO games online offering mods to the players. Using the mods can make most of the games more interesting and amazing to play since there are so many great and helpful extra features launched in the game. Mods is not an exceptional case! When players decide to use these mods, they will be able to check out additional features and make a good use of them to your advantage when playing against other enemies. Also, mods promise to give you an edge over the opponents if you know how to utilize the features skillfully. The mission in is understandable and simple! All you need to do is to eat more foods and grow up faster! But still, the way you fulfill it is not easy! Just like and, you must keep an eye on other opponent animals surrounding, especially the larger ones. Try to fight off all foes, grow up faster and become the biggest animal on the leaderboard. Mods and Unblocked Mods

Mods are known as a useful script that can be used to alter the original game by adding some additional stuff, like other features to the game. Installing Mods is not hard! You can check out Chrome Extension, then find out some mods for game These mods are made by some developers and will bring some awesome features to the players. Some features can be known as zoom hack, custom skins, background changer and so on. However, at the moment, there are only two known extra features, one is already available, one is coming soon!

  • Zoom hack: This is a feature that allows you to adjust the screen in the game. You can totally zoom out or zoom in and use it wisely to your advantage. This way will help you avoid some other bigger animals, and you will see them first before they catch sight of you
  • Custom skin: This feature will be coming out soon in the forthcoming time. You will freely create your own skin for your animal, which makes it more amazing and prettier.
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