Slither Publisher September 29, 2022
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How to play: WASD to roam around the arena. Left mouse button to fire. Right mouse button to aim. Shift to run and launch the ability while you're moving on the air. X to have no guns and items. Q to switch between guns and items. R to reload. C to crouch. F to slide. N to restore health. T to control your robotic arms. P to pause the match.

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About Jamir


Jamir 3D game brings the player to a fast-paced battle. It’s important to defeat as many enemies as possible to take over the battlefield and become the winner.

Jamir shooting is a good place to test your skills and more. So, you will engage in an intense match with a Sci-fi theme. In addition to that, you have to show off your abilities to clear the arena in the shortest time.

Apart from that, there are many unique characters to play Jamir multiplayer online. Furthermore, you can interact with plenty of items and experience skills. Not only that, you’d better explore all of the arenas. It’s easy for you to select whichever you like before you connect to the battle.

Moreover, there are some game modes that you should not miss in your best mobile idle game. In other words, they consist of Base Wars, Deathmatch FFA, and Deathmatch TDM. Aside from playing Jamir shooting solo, it’s not difficult for you to work with other friends as a team on the same playfield.

Jamir is one of the hottest arcade shooting games that you can enjoy from now on. Try to learn about basic abilities with weapons and master how to use them so as to conquer the challenge quickly!

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