Slither Publisher June 10, 2017
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How to play: Click left mouse button or tap spacebar to shoot. Use the mouse to control and steer your fleet. Press key S to divide and run.

About is an incredibly fierce Multiplayer Shooter game online that sets in a galaxy dominated by a bunch of fleets controlled by real players. Once you spawn into the game, you will have to direct your own fleet of neon triangles and try to move it around the map to slay all nasty enemy fleets as fast as possible. In the world of, it’s all about kill or be killed, so if you play in a passive way, you will become the victim of other opponents. Don’t let them kill you easily like that, try to dodge their bullets faster, and quickly respond to their assaults. When you kill an enemy, you will obtain more neon triangles, which makes your fleet bigger and stronger. You are recommended to follow and assault the foes from behind, and start to ambush them! They won’t be able to attack you back quickly enough, and this is kind of a good way to annihilate them. Your objective is to stay alive longer and gain the best fleet ever!

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