Stabfish 2

Slither Publisher August 10, 2022
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How to play: Move mouse to navigate, left and right click to use skills

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About Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2

Stabfish 2 io is the sequel to the online shark survival game. It has many new features to help you enjoy the battle more attractive while competing with your friends.

Enjoy Stabfish 2 and shark fights in the ocean

If you’ve played, you’re probably waiting for its sequel. Now it is available for you to enjoy the new shark survival experience with many new special features. You will start the game as soon as you click “Play”. Then you can also choose the type of shark from among the 3 available options.

Join the fight, your task is to attack other sharks to get food. Although you can eat the available foods, of course they are not as good as the carcasses of other sharks. To attack, you will use your tusk, but it needs to be used correctly and at the right time.

How To Play Stabfish 2 To Win
How To Play Stabfish 2 To Win

Witness the growth of sharks

Your shark has 3 evolutions from Blue Shark to Great White Shark and finally Megaladon. You will become a better shark after each death and have more advantages to continue the fight. However, victory or defeat depends on your move skills. And other opponents in the ocean will not wait for you to finish easily.

Play alone and team up with friends

If you are playing alone, simply select “Play” and step right into the battlefield. If you want to play with your teammates, you can create a team or join any random team. Survival battles with friends will be much more interesting when you can support others.

Some strategies for you to conquer Stabfish 2 unblocked multiplayer

  • Swivel your tusk quickly when approaching prey to make it easier to stab them.
  • Bump against the wall to get the flesh of the prey on your tusks.
  • Dodge attacks by moving fast.
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