Slither Publisher October 29, 2016
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How to play: Use WASD for the movement Press ESC for a scoreboard, key Enter for all chat, key T to chat with your team

About Tagpro.Gg


The challenges in Tagpro.Gg free online are very hard to conquer! Let’s play this awesome Multiplayer game now to show off your excellent skills. This game is kind of discrepant from other previous iO games that you have played before. Your main objective is to capture the flag of the opponent team by utilizing your strategies and teaming up with your members. Stay focused on your game, present your good skills and try your hardest to become a winner. Also, you can use Tagpro.Gg mods to your advantage since there are more awesome features and hacks added to the game. Alright, give this game a try now and have fun with it!

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