Slither Publisher October 28, 2016
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How to play: Turn left/right using A/D Accelerate or move back by using keys W/S Tap spacebar to fire, key R or spacebar to use "smoke and run", key G to eject some mass, key K for destroying yourself

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Become a tank and take on many challenges in Tanker.io free online! This awesome Multiplayer iO game will get you through many tasks and give you a chance to present your excellent skills. Also, you can check out Tankar.io Mods so that you can use more features and hacks and use them to get more benefit. Take control of your tank carefully and vanquish all challenges that you bump into. You will see numerous little shapes on your way, be sure to avoid them before they turn red, or else they will demolish your tank easily. You can eat up other smaller tanks to obtain more strength. Wish you luck!

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