Slither Publisher May 17, 2016
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How to play: Tap key W to turn the engine on or off Press key A/D to rotate left/right Press spacebar to fire missiles, key Shift to turn the shield on or off

About is a fun-addicting real-time multiplayer browser-based game online taking you to the space full of challenges. The game has a famous gameplay which is somewhat similar to Before joining, you should set a nickname then spawn into the game. Your mission is to take control of your spaceship and move around space to annihilate the wicked opponent spacecraft controlled by the real opponents. While moving around, you must be careful with all surroundings! Just only a slight mistake is enough to make your spaceship come to an end and get killed. Therefore, you have to stay alert to the attacks of enemies while launching yours! Don’t crash into anything in the game, especially the opponent spaceship, otherwise; your game will be over instantly. Try to use your strategies, go chase other enemies and let them die! Your game goal is to survive longer and earn a higher score! Start it now and conquer your challenges!

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