Slither Publisher May 17, 2016
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How to play: Use keys WASD for the movement Tao spacebar for jumping, use the mouse to aim and shoot at enemies Press key R to reload, key F to spray, key Q/E or mouse wheel to change weapon

About is a challenging multiplayer shooting game consisting of pixel art graphics. The game must be very fun and amazing to play! You will earn a good gaming experience as well as upgrade your shooting skill with it! Set a new name for your character and head into the battlefield now. Your mission is to take control of the character and try to help him move around the complicated and tricky maze to hunt for the enemies and annihilate them. Try to perform your movement, action skills, equip yourself with cool strategies and launch your attacks to the enemies accurately. You will bump into a lot of dangers and obstacles on your way but try to get past all of them using your excellent abilities. Don’t forget to collect the lootcrates on your way! The game goal is to survive longer, rank up on the leaderboard and try to vanquish all the wicked opponents! Good luck!

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