Slither Publisher October 14, 2016
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How to play: Control your worm using the mouse Click left mouse button to speed up

About Wormax.io


Here comes another funny Multiplayer game online! Let’s join Wormax.io unblocked and take this chance to prevent your awesome skills. The game is similar to Slither.io which is another popular iO game on the Interner for now, but still, Wormax.io still has something different and contains unique different features from Slither.io game Once you spawn into the game, you must take control of a little worm and help it absorb the colorful pellets around to increase your length and size. Try to eat them as much as you can and stay alive longer! There will be plenty of snakes around you, they are controlled by real players, be sure to dodge crashing into their bodies, or else your game will be over. Also, you can try to tempt or cut off their heads, kill them all and turn those snakes into big pools of dead fragments. You should swallow these dead bodies in order to grow your size faster. But stay watchful for other snakes when seizing these fragments, if you’re not careful, you can get destroyed any time. Don’t forget to collect the boosters scattering around the map, then upgrade your worm to become stronger and unbeatable! You can check out Wormax.io mods if you want to use other great features added to the game! Have fun!

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