Slither Publisher April 18, 2019
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How to play: Control your cell and move it using the mouse. Press number keys 1-9 to build cells. 



Create the largest cell army in CELLX – an epic and addictive web-browser game like Agar.io! You will step into the world of Cellx.io where you have to evolve and upgrade your army through over time as you attempt to defeat all enemies. When you first spawn in the map, you are a small cell that cannot do anything bigger. Therefore, you have to collect as many cells across the floor as possible, and when you gather more powers, you can use the gathered cells to attack the opponents or employ them to keep your own cells safe. By collecting cells, you will also earn a lot of points, which gives you an advantage. You can use the points to buy even more cells, and gradually, your cell army becomes much more unbeatable, this will be time for you to take over the entire arena. Think can you end up as the largest cell army in CELLX? Play it now!

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