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How to play: Drive the car using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar for using the boost, press key Q to change the camera view, and use key Esc to open the menu.

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About Pucks.io


Pucks.io unblocked is a sports game that is the same as SocCar game in terms of gameplay. Pucks.io merges both ice hockey and car racing elements together, giving you an amazing experience. When you jump into the game, you will belong to a team, then start to take control of the puck with your car and make an attempt to score a lot of goals as you keep your goal safe from the enemies. You should aim then attack the enemy goal without causing any mistakes, also, you can even speed up your car to surpass your opponents if you want. But you have to recharge this boost when it runs out. To recharge it, go collect more crates that are scattered on the arena. In case it is hard to score, you should pass to your teammate who is currently having a better scoring position. Try not to miss any chance for scoring! You must triumph over your rival team! Good luck with Pucks.io game!

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