Slither Publisher November 8, 2019
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How to play: Move your worm around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse button to speed up.

About WormsZone.io


As a small worm wandering around a huge arena in WormsZone.io unblocked, you must try to grow your size by eating a lot of dotted food on the ground. Just like what you experienced in Slither.io game, WormsZone.io – the new snake game also pits you against plenty of enemies around the world. The best way to kill them is to get larger, then you can use your big body with some tricks to wipe them out of the map. You can go at full speed to cut them off, or use some tricks to encircle around them and make them run into your body. Whatever you do, just make sure you will not run into their bodies, otherwise, everything will be over for you. Like other previous snake games, in WormsZone free online, you have to become the largest worm on the leaderboard and make other players fear you. Have fun with it!

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