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Privacy is very glad and honorable to welcome all gamers of game to come and enjoy! As we know, game has been very famous these days, and the game is attracting millions of players all over the world gradually. For those who have been searching for a wonderful site to experience this snake game, this is the right place for them! At, the players can totally play the game, research on new topics, explore more features and check out latest updates. To bring the convenience to players, the administrator of has set a full privacy policy which is known as a document describing the users’ rights and obligations on this site. The users’ information will be gathered here, so it’s highly recommended to read this document carefully!

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We don’t store or using user data.

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A large number of websites usually utilize log files in order to help them investigate and collect demographic data, running a website, and keep track of the actions of users. Also, Log Files can consists of some of the information on ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, the details of the visitor, visiting time and so on.


Cookies will preserve the information of the users, especially their preferences. Also, Cookies can keep track of the users, or can be used to alter the content of the page when the users utilize the websites using their own browsers

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Web Beacons are very useful, and they can totally stick to the navigation through a website or even more. Using Web Beacons with cookies will help the webmaster in achieving an understanding of how the users browse through a website and acquire the content of it.

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The third organization that delivers their advertisements is Google. With the Dart Cookies, Google will bring their ads to the clients, and those ads can be regarded the content of this site or other ones.

If users don’t want to utilize cookies, they just simply go to Google, access to this link then find out the content of privacy policy.

Third parties will operate the ads and links after applying their technology. The users will straightly receive the advertisements via the browsers they are utilizing. Third parties will use their technologies, including Cookies, Web Beacons, JavaScript in order to inspect and evaluate the productiveness of their ads.

For those who want to have more precise information, they can check out further details on the privacy policies or the advertisers. Asides from that, if you don’t want to let cookies run and work and, you can totally stop it via some of the personal browser selections.

Go to some of the nice websites using particular browsers to find out more about how to execute cookies or browsers.

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IO Games are popular web-browser multiplayer games that are free to access at! There are many game categories you can explore at this site, including Slither Style, 2D Shooter, Agario Style, Zombies, Battle Royale, Racing, and so forth. IO games always offer an amazing free gaming experience to all the players coming from across the world. They can challenge and fight one another in multiple brutal battles for opportunities of building their ultimate dominance in the arenas. All abilities of the players will be strongly tested once joining these games. In addition, the players are also able to make friends with each other, share their experiences and earn themselves a huge amount of fun. IO games are increasingly expanded as further new games appear every day, they will be added to the site to keep the players updated. If you are truly a loyal fan of IO games, make sure to visit this site frequently to experience all of them!