Bad Ice-Cream 2

Slither Publisher September 28, 2021
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How to play: Move your ice cream stick by clicking the arrow keys on the keyboard

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About Bad Ice-Cream 2

Bad Ice-Cream 2

Play Bad Ice-Cream 2 free online and collect all the fruits for your ice cream. This is a great option to experience this winter, and it is free to play online.

Bad Ice-Cream 2 unblocked is an arcade puzzle game with simple gameplay but addictive with extremely interesting game content. It offers a variety of levels to play on a cool snowy background that reminds you of winter. Your task is to move around the snow field to collect fruits for ice cream. But it was not easy because there were many people guarding the fruit garden. Do everything calmly to avoid being caught by the watchman and enjoy the sweet fruit.

You can play alone or with someone else in Bad Ice-Cream 2 multiplayer. But the fun doubles when playing with your friends, right? Try to complete the game in the shortest time to get maximum score and rank up. This is the time to both play and enjoy the winter atmosphere at home. It’s great to play anytime you like as long as there’s an Internet connection on your device, and you don’t need a download to play.

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