Slither Publisher October 21, 2019
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How to play: Use Left mouse button to move or attack, Right mouse to interact with inventory and trade

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About is an amazing free online dungeon crawling game including retro graphics. Especially, it is inspired by the cool Diablo series. Start off with a hero at a strange castle. It will be the safest place to wander around with your buddies. Meanwhile, you will be required to become the strongest character by climbing to the highest position as soon as possible.

To achieve the goal or dominate the map in unblocked, you should not forget to crawls through dark zones. They will be addresses that you need to discover. In which, you will fight against monsters. Killing them will help you earn more experience points and level up easier. Furthermore, always recharge your HP! Come to one of the new iO games you can loot rare and magical items from chests. Not only that, you are able to buy and sell whichever. Select the skin you like most and embark on your adventure now!

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