Candy Bubble

Slither Publisher May 10, 2021
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How to play: Move the mouse left or right to adjust the angle of the shot. Hold down the left mouse button to shoot.

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shooting game

About Candy Bubble

Candy Bubble

Candy Bubble unlocked, you just need to access the browser to enjoy this extremely fun bubble shooting game. Do you want to go back to your childhood one more time?

Basically, the gameplay of this game is based on the famous dinosaur egg shooting game in the past. However, the dinosaur eggs will be replaced with colorful sweet candies. In short, The player’s task is to shoot candies of the same color onto the top of the screen to make them explode, with a minimum of 3 candies.

Besides, you can also rely on the terrain and calculate a reasonable angle to win. Note, players always feel excited when experiencing when the difficulty increases with each screen.

It can be seen that Candy Bubble is one of the most worth playing match 3 online games in the moment. Although the gameplay is relatively familiar, the graphics quality of this game really makes us feel impressed. Don’t believe that? Play Candy Bubble online game right now to verify for yourself.

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