has become a famous multiplayer snake game that can be played on both PC and mobile devices. Find out all everything about this game and its wonderful feature!

Slither Publisher
July 4, 2016 is an online multiplayer snake game that was released on March 25th, 2016 and instantly it has become the most famous game application that is downloaded and played by a lot of gamers all over the world. Being known as another successor of game which is also a famous multiplayer game on the Internet, is even doing better because of its exclusive gameplay and many features. It even surpasses the predecessor in terms of download and the number of players. Then, which challenge and feature that Slitherio brings you? Let’s find out now!




How to Play Slitherio As far as we know, Slitherio is already available on mobile devices, for both iOS and Android. It’s also known as a multiplayer browser-based game too, meaning you can play it on your PC and laptop. When entering the first page of the game, you will start giving a nickname for your snake, then hit “play” button. After spawning, you are supposed to take control of your snake and move it around the space in order to search for colorful pellets that scatter around the map. You must eat them as much as possible so that you can increase your length and mass. Your main goal here is to become the most powerful snake and reach number 1 on the leaderboard of the server. That leaderboard consists of 10 ranks of the best players, and it is located on the top right of your screen.


A Smaller Snake can Kill a Bigger Snake When you are still a smaller snake, you are totally able to kill the bigger ones if you know how to cut them off. To do this, you are supposed to prepare some of tactics and strategies, as well as take an opportunity whenever you catch sight of a larger one that moves nearby your snake. Usually, speed boosting will help you a lot in killing the giant snakes. Do you know what that means? You should act as you are going side by side with that snake, then suddenly, you increase your speed and block the head of that snake. The enemy will surely crash into your body and die in front of you! When it gets destroyed, you must be quick to grab their dead fragments, the more you eat, the bigger you are. This is an amazing way for you to develop your mass in the shortest time. is always unpredictable because everything around you is always dangerous. You will never know if there is a large snake nearby until they appear right in front of you. The game takes a lot of skills and tips to conquer. Actually, being a small snake is not bad at all, you can roam around freely and enjoy eating the pellets around. If you die, you can restart the game if you want. No need to be scared of the giant snakes because who knows how long they can last? Don’t run away from them either and just consider it as your good chance! Who knows you can kill it and absorb its remaining? Also, you should keep in mind that the middle of the map is always the funniest and awesome place to go! The true battle between the opponent snakes will begin from there!


Use-arrows-to-switch-between-skins. Skin The players are able to customize their snakes in the game by using an amazing feature called Skin. If you want to explore all skins of the game, you are supposed to share on social platforms, namely Facebook or Twitter. Take a look at the right bottom of the screen and you will see two icons of these social platforms. Select the one that you want to share and then you can unlock all skins. After that, go to the “Change Skin” section which is located at the left bottom of the screen. Click on it and you can discover all skins. Skins are so various! You can catch sight of several hilarious skins or the flags of the countries that you already saw in game. There are also other alternative snake skins that you can use. Just select your favorite one and then go to your game. Conclusion is a truly famous multiplayer game, and it has already created a new gaming trend in gaming communities all over the world. When you go to Google and check out the searching trends of Google of the former month, ranks number 3 and this is such a high rank for this game that has just been come out for 3 months. Let’s play game now and experience more challenges!

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