Slither Publisher March 6, 2019
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How to play: Move your snake with the mouse, use the left mouse button to speed up.

About is a perfect free-for-all IO game combining and The game features snake and block elements, promising to bring you an awesome gaming experience. Like always, when you spawn in the arena, you will start directing your own snake around the map in order to consume a lot of circles dispersed on the ground for building your size. It’s always important to eat the circles because the more of them you eat, the larger the size you will reach. As soon as you become a bigger snake, you can go attack other enemies if you want. Try your hardest to use the dash ability to outplay all of them, surpass them and force them to run into you. But, the dash ability will have to be recharged by smashing many colored blocks on the map. You should frequently recharge it and use it to your advantage. Similar to other snake games, the main goal of this one is to become the most powerful snake ruling the arena.

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