Basket Random

Slither Publisher August 10, 2021
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How to play: To control a team, you simply click the arrow keys. To control 2 teams, you alternately use "W" and "Up" arrow keys.

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About Basket Random

Basket Random

Basket Random is addictive basketball game for every gamer. Just click a button to control your team play and score. The fun movements in the game will make you excited.

Basket Random game is a free online game that you can play here. You can control 1 team or 2 teams to participate in basketball matches full of fun and drama. This is a simple simulation game, but it has a tactical element. So even though the controls are simple, you need many things to win.

When you play Basket Random game online, you will go through many levels. Winning a game will help you score 1 point. The team that gets 5 points first becomes the champion. However, each game screen will take place in many different contexts. It can be the beach, the basketball court, the sports house, the parkā€¦ But the rules of the game are the same. Note, you can choose “1 Player” mode to compete with the CPU. In addition, you can choose “2 Player” mode to control 2 teams simultaneously in an match of Basket Random unblocked.

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