Slither Publisher November 7, 2019
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How to play: Move your archers using the mouse. Attack enemies using the left mouse and press 1-9 to use the bow.



ARCHERz unblocked is one of the toughest and latest io games free for everyone. You will have a chance to hone your bow-and-arrow skill with army-management skills in ARCHERz free game. Everybody starts with a small army, but they cannot fight one another using the small armies like that. Like other people, you have to hire more archers and add them to your group to enlarge the size. With the assistance of the archers, you can battle against enemies as well as gather many gold coins on the jungle map. The maximum number of archers in an army is 100, and once you have them enough, you can get coins faster. Try your hardest to dish out maximum damage to your opponents and kill them all before they destroy you. The main goal of ARCHERz game is to become the best leader! Are you up to join the battle? Give it a shot now!

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