Slither Publisher August 7, 2019
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How to play: Move your character using WASD, use the mouse to turn around, click the left mouse to use items, press key G to drop items and use key E to collect items.

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About Futurefunk


If you are a loyal fan of io games about humans and zombies fighting against each other, then Futurefunk unblocked is an ideal choice for you. With team-based element, the Futurefunk gameplay will be much more interesting. At the starting of the game, one player will be chosen as a starter zombie whose job is to spread the infection across the map. When this zombie comes in contact with a human, that human will become a weaker zombie. Keep doing so until more zombies appear on the map! But for the human side, you have to hide and barricade yourself or compete against a wave of zombies that want to devour you. You should purchase items in the shop then use them to your advantage. Teamwork is a must! Whatever side you are on, make sure you work together with your teammates for better results. Can you guess what team will win? Jump into Futurefunk free online game now!

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